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FAQ: Luvbug Films

Photo Courtesy of Palos Studio


How did Luvbug Films begin?

Luvbug Films was started by one of the Top 25 Wedding Video Studios in the world... Elysium Productions. At Elysium, we are passionate about what we do and feel strongly that EVERY couple should have a wedding video. Thus Luvbug Films was created. Luvbug combines the style of Elysium at a lower price point with a super talented crew... perfect for budget conscious brides!

What is the difference between a Luvbug Video and an Elysium one?

Elysium: More creative/cinematic camera movements. More general experience after shooting over 800 weddings.

Luvbug: More standard solid shooting methods, very experienced, just not as much as Elysium's main shooters.

Elysium: Top of the line equipment. Brings extra equipment as back-up as well as extra gadgets to get great shots.

Luvbug: Our excellent shooters bring their top of the line equipment but are limited to what they own.

Elysium: All audio sources recorded professionally with microphones (groom, officiant, musicians, feed from mixing board). Reception: feed from mixing board and speakers for great audio for toasts.

Luvbug: Only two audio sources recorded (if a two camera shoot) Groom & officiant (reception is the same as Elysium)

Elysium: More cinematic editing, more color grading and filtering, and opening and highlights are included in the package.

Luvbug: Edited in the same style as Elysium except less time spent on color grading and filtering. Opening is not included but a highlights can be added for an extra cost.

Elysium: Includes three DVD's (or Blu-Ray's) in premium leather cases

Luvbug: Includes three DVD's (or Blu-Ray's) in plastic cases with custom artwork.

Who will be shooting my wedding?

Our very professional and talented Luvbug crew will be shooting your wedding. Although they don't have all the gadgets and experience as the Elysium teams do, they are amazingly talented (most have worked in Hollywood, etc.) and have gone through a rigorous training program to be able to capture your day in the high standards we expect. They are also polite, professional, and work well with all other vendors.

What's the Difference between a 1 and 2 Camera package?

We highly recommend two cameras at all time. With only one camera, you will miss so much of what is going on during the day, such as a front angle of the bride walking down the aisle and a close-up of their faces during the ceremony, and the cocktail hour since the photo session and this usually happen at the same time. The cameraman can only be in one place at a time! With two cameras you also get to see separate angles during the reception events such as the reaction to an emotional toast, etc. You will also see all the camera's necessary movements (zooming in and focusing, etc.) when there is only one camera as there is no other angle to cut to. That being said, one camera is always better than zero cameras which is why we are still offering it!

How many locations will the team drive to on my wedding day?

The short answer to that is, how ever many you want us to provided that you have built in enough hours in the package. Also keep in mind that the teams (if you hire 2 cameras) drive together. If you want one camera to be in another location, you must provide transportation there. For example, the 2nd camera may be dropped off at the hotel where they guys are getting ready and then ride to the church in the limo with them.

Can I have the 2nd camera only for a few hours instead of the whole day?

Our fantastic videographers are total pros. They block off the entire day when shooting a wedding so they film for a minimum of six hours. They also drive together so one is not able to leave early. This would also compromise the video as you would no longer have the 2nd camera angle once they leave.